Each butterfly is unique, hand-made and embroidered one at a time by Elodie at Elasticco's Brooklyn studio.
Blanchard conceives each one like a drawing, playing with different stitches, thickness and combination of colors and fabrics. We suggest the butterflies be displayed in cloud pins on a wall or framed in shadow boxes, alone or in groups to highlight the resulting interplay of shadow and light.

Material: cotton casnvas, thread and assorted fabrics.
Variations: 8 types of butterflies are available in the collection: cloud, royal, clover, eye shadow, leg warmer, fur, tiger and wolf.
Size: available in small, medium and large.
Colors: All. Custom colors are available. Propose a color hue or if you want something really special, you can send us thread or come by the studio.
Please inquire about stock availability; We accommodate on demand orders.